Which is better? Malibu 8301-9601-01 or our LED-FG1021-BK outdoor light - Video

LED LED-FG1021-BK Spot LightingWhich is better? Watch our comparison video of our LED-FG1021-BK low voltage outdoor landscape lighting spot light to the discontinued Malibu 8301-9601-01 low voltage outdoor lighting landscape flood light that are popping up on websites at reduced prices.

Scott goes over the pros and cons of each fixture and why one would work better then the other depending on your lighting application. One of the benefits of both outdoor landscape lights is that the light bulb is replaceable reducing landfill waste and allowing for greater flexibility in the future if ever you decided to change color temperature, beam spread or adopt a better new technology.

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Tags: Malibu 8301-9601-01, LED-FG1021-BK, comparison, Flexible LED, Landfill waste, Go Green

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