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We partnered with HandyDad.TV and sponsored his latest video on installing LED low voltage outdoor lighting that you can watch here. We couldn’t be more pleased on how the video turned out. HandyDad.TV walks the viewer through the layout and lighting design process explaining the reasons he made the choices in using Accent Lighting and Walkway Lighting / Path Lighting. He demonstrates time saving techniques of the trade to help the viewer who may have little to no low voltage outdoor landscape lighting experience. With calm and clear explanations, HandyDad.TV guides you through the process just like a good Father would when showing you the process. HandyDad.TV lives up to his motto “Your Virtual Dad in the Cloud.” After watching his video, we believe you will have the confidence to install LED low voltage outdoor landscape lighting in your yard, garden or business.

The low voltage LED outdoor lights HandyDad.TV installed in his beautiful backyard can be easily purchased from our complete kits section and most popular LED lights section of our website.

Here is a list of the low voltage outdoor lights used in his video:

Black LED Low Voltage Outdoor Landscape Lighting Spot Light LED-FG1021-BK LED-FG1021-BK
Spot Light
Rust LED low voltage outdoor landscape lighting hat path light LED-S215-RU LED-S215-RU
Hat Path Light
Bronze LED low voltage outdoor landscape lighting flower path light LED-S220-BR LED-S220-BR
Flower Path Light
Black LED low voltage outdoor landscape lighting flood light LED-6011-BK LED-6011-BK
Flood Light

The accent lighting or directional lighting HandyDad.TV used in his video was our popular non-corrosive composite fiberglass LED spot light LED-FG1021-BK that is part of our complete kits or can be purchased separately with Free shipping. HandyDad.TV wonderfully explains the reasons he chose this low voltage outdoor landscape light and we’ll let you watch to find out more :)

The second type of outdoor low voltage lighting HandyDad.TV installed in his backyard was Walkway or Path Lighting. His choice to use our LED LED-S215-RU China hat path light and the LED-S220-BR flower light couldn’t have been better and how he placed it in his yard, well, it’s worth the watch.

The third type of lighting HandyDad.TV implemented in his installation video was Area Lighting or Flood Lighting. Using our LED-6011-BK flood light to illuminate a voluminous tree, he knew that a wider angle of light was required and that the narrower spot light would not provide the right type of light. His placement of the light really brought a magical touch to his backyard that is very pleasing to the eye.

If you are looking at solving problems around your home or property we strongly recommend subscribing to HandyDad.TV on YouTube. He has hundreds of helpful videos that will give you the confidence to tackle a myriad of projects you thought you never could.

We also provide many helpful outdoor landscape lighting videos that dive deep into many of the nuances of low voltage outdoor landscape lighting that will help you along your way with your project. Please stop by our resources page to find out more :)


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