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  • The Magic of Christmas

    Ok, yes. I am one of those crazy November first freaks that take down Halloween, and I head straight to Christmas right away. Do not pass go; do not collect two hundred dollars. There is just something about the magic of Christmas that makes me feel lighter and joyful. With all of the different traditions, the lights and glitter, the warmth and coziness, the trees (I have fourteen of them!), even the Scroogiest of Scrooges can't help but find at least one thing that makes them smile. Christmas is that very special time of year carved out to help us focus on what matters most to us.

    There are so many things that make Christmas magical, and one of them is the lights. I am blessed to have a little perch here in Albuquerque that gives me an unobstructed view of the city lights. I can go out in the late evening or early morning and enjoy the calmness and tranquility, knowing each one of those lights is a car, an office building, or a home with someone in them going about their merry Christmas way. I get to watch as the city sparkles more and more during the Christmas season.

    A few years ago, when the pandemic hit and we were looking at shutting down the world, my neighborhood put up their Christmas lights in early summer. When things were solemn, and we did not know what the future would hold, we put up something that brought us hope and did this one special thing that let everyone know we were in this together, this one little thing that brought a little magic to our corner and we kept them up through the holiday season.

    That very next year, I decided to upgrade my K-mart blue light specials to Total Lighting Supply's LED Christmas lights. I was worried about LEDs as I like the warmth of incandescent light. So, I was pleasantly surprised by how nice the warm white C7 and mini lights looked on my home. They are brighter, but I do not lose out on the old-world magic I try to recreate every winter with my décor. It is also wonderful to have a little more stocking stuffer money with the savings of making that upgrade.

    Now, it is almost a contest to see who puts up their lights first, and my lights are going up today! I am so excited to show my joy of the season and just as excited to see everyone else's. I am going on my third year now using these same lights, and they work just as wonderful as they did on the first day.

    As we move into the season of remembering that very special gift bestowed on us a little more than two thousand years ago, ponder what it is that makes your Christmas magical. Is it the lights, the trees, the family, the Christmas movies, or the simple peace of the winter? Whatever it is, I invite you to take the time to curl up with a cozy blanket and a cup of hot cocoa and give thanks for the beauty of it.

    Check out this short video of how I transformed my house into the magic of Christmas!

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