• Outdoor Lighting Magical in Summer & Winter

    Outdoor low voltage landscape lighting is not only magical in summer but also in winter. Our good friend HandyDadTV braved the cold and took these amazing photos below with the recent snowfall that transformed his backyard into a winter wonderland. The trees, shrubs and path take on a postcard like quality you can enjoy during the long dark days of winter. What could be more wonderful.

    Photos Courtesy of HandyDadTV


    It is easy to install low voltage LED lighting and HandydadTV made this great video you can see here of the same landscape lighting fixtures he sent photos of in the winter snow light up his yard in the summer.

    Outdoor Landscape Lighting Solar Light Outdoor Solar Light

    Unlike the solar lights from the big box stores that just can't handle the winter with their rechargeable batteries that only last an hour or two in the cold, and their cheap plastic that becomes very brittle and breaks in low temperatures, our fixtures shine brightly all night to the light way.

    Installing LED low voltage outdoor landscape lighting maybe a bit more challenging during the days when the temperature is below 55 degrees, as the ground can be hard from the colder temps, and making it more difficult to attach the connectors on the wire that becomes hard as a rock in the cold. It’s not impossible, but planning for a day where the temperatures are warmer would be a good start. Our large video library of installation notes, hacks, products and troubleshooting videos will make you an expert no matter the season. 

    HandDadTV Winter Outdoor landscape lighting Photo Courtesy of HandyDadTV

    Have snow that blankets your yard for months throughout the winter? Not a problem, our outdoor light fixtures just keep looking great no matter the season.

    If you live in the warmer states, now might be the best time to install your landscape lighting before it gets too hot to work outside. If you already have snow out there, now would be an opportune time to start planning your outdoor landscape lighting installation, get the materials you will need so on the first day of spring you can “spring” into action.
    So don’t let the winter scare you off. Turn it into an opportunity to explore, experiment and plan :)

    No matter the season, landscape lighting always makes your home more inviting, welcoming your guests all year long, with a little magic. 

    It is so easy to transform your yard into a magical place with our LED Outdoor kits, our stunning tree lights and our LED Christmas lights. Bring heightened visibility and creativity to your walkways, shrubs, trees and eves while increasing security and safety for your property.

    Check out our series of insightful videos and make yourself an expert.

    See our additional resources to help you make your yard magical!

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