LED Outdoor low voltage landscape lighting stainless hood spot light heavy duty

# LED-SS111

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Designer's Note

Fixture is part of our special overstock offering as the factory has discontinued this color only.

We include a 4.5 watt LED MR16 24-degree 12volt bulb to light up everything from flag poles, palm trees, architectural elements and more in your outdoor lighting plan. The LED light bulb is installed in the fixture so if it should fail or if you want to upgrade it you can easily swap it out with one that meets your requirements (we can not substitute bulbs however, it is pre-packed with the 4.5watt unit)

In addition please review our entire video set below to make yourself a expert and make the installation of your landscape lighting go smoothly.

Our full line of landscape fixtures, wire, connectors and transformers will make your project complete and the results magical. See some of the accessories and options below.

And always consider a spare fixture just incase someone runs the lawnmower in to one that you have already installed.

Here are the detailed videos that get into the "nitty-gritty" . . . Just remember, You can do this!

If you're in need of a low voltage transformer we have our very own WIFI compatible transformer, a transformer that works with WIFI modules, Timers, and photocells.A smart transformer is one that is simple to use and maintain see all the information at this link.

  1. This video will take you through an entire outdoor lighting process. Video starts at design and ends at a finished project.
  2. Here is that same project in the snow for a winter effect.
  3. Project video in Hawaii now underway with path, spot and step lights
  4. Where should I put my lights?
  5. What about Voltage loss? Field video covers, transformer use, voltage loss, fixture runs, wire gauge and transformer
  6. How to get the bulb in and out of my FG1021 and FG1020 landscape light fixture - Here is the full video of the FG1021
  7. How to use a voltage meter to test my transformer and where to get one and what kind
  8. How to test the field feed wire without cutting it 07:58
  9. How to attach the feed wire to my transformer and what to do with the end of the wire 10:35
  10. What to check if NONE of my landscape fixtures are working 17:09
  11. How and when to use a 15V type or a Multi tap transformers 20:26
  12. The full video, make yourself an expert
  13. All the landscape videos in one place
  14. The blue connector video
  15. Voltage loss, how to avoid it, how to work with your transformer
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LED Outdoor low voltage landscape lighting stainless hood spot light heavy duty