I just wanted to take a moment to thank total lighting for an amazing product. Your videos made it clear and straight forward. It would have been a rather difficult challenge for me without your informative tutorials.

I’m impressed and incredibly happy. Awesome product.

Thank you

Glenn N.


Thank you for your quick response! I will place my order immediately.

By the way, your website and your company are a great example of how great customer service can be a differentiator in today's online world. This is the first time I have ordered outdoor lights and supplies. I searched around and found several companies that sell this type of equipment. However, your website did such a great job of helping me understand what I needed to order that I was immediately drawn in and never looked back at any of the other sites. The fact that your team was also able to answer my question so quickly just reinforces that presence.

If the rest of my customer experience comes anywhere close to this same level of service, you will have a customer for life and one who will spread the word about your company.

Eric B.

Wow! Whoever does those videos is just great! I’ve watched ‘em all, a couple of times, and learned a lot. Such a great service to provide, and I really appreciate it.

David G.

Received my order a few days ago and just wanted to say that your products are of great quality. Fast service too!

Joe C.

I am so impressed with your company that I can hardly Express it. Please let me know how I can give you a 5 star review where it will help you the most!

Greg P.

Thank you very much. Your customer service is impeccable.

David M.

Congrats to whoever designed your website - one of the better ones. I mainly shop online and really appreciated a well designed site appreciate

Craig L.

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